About Us

Centered around the children’s book hero, Adventure Ted is a brand of positivity created to help people overcome challenges. Our content & social mission focus on helping people to feel inspired and maintain an optimal mindset.

In November 2019 the first book in the series Adventure Ted: Night At The Enchanted Theme Park released. In this story the main character Timmy learns a lesson in courage, bravery, and how to handle life’s ups and downs through a theme park adventure experience with a hero teddy bear.

Consistent with our mission to provide positivity and inspiration to those in need, the profits from Adventure Ted are donated to Childhood Cancer Society’s Wish Grant Budget. This joint effort to create exciting surprises helps children and their families to change their perspectives and to once again see the unexpected adventures that life has to offer.

As Adventure Ted spreads across the world, this positive mindset can be shared among more people while also enable Childhood Cancer Society to support more families battling pediatric cancer and other important causes.

*A Fun Way To Become A Hero (Adventure Ted Trailer): CLICK HERE