About the Author

When he was seven years old, Tommy was diagnosed with (ITP) a severely low platelet count that required frequent trips to Hackensack University Medical Center. At a young age, this experience instilled in him the desire to help his peers and the future children in his community overcome their challenges.

At 12 years old, he began acting professionally. He used the proceeds from his first commercial to purchase gaming consoles and video games for the children at Hackensack University Medical Center to enjoy while receiving treatment. The positive impact on their morale was evident, and four years later, he founded the Childhood Cancer Society (CCS). CCS is a volunteer-run 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to helping families battling childhood cancer with medical bills and transportation costs and providing gifts/special events to help foster a mindset conducive to healing.

In 2007 Tommy went on to NYU Stern undergrad to study finance and marketing to learn how to increase his impact. After graduating, he found himself in the financial services industry while maintaining his non-profit and continuing to help families part-time. He became an active member of the Rotary Club of New York and is now Vice President. After working with this diverse group of charitable professionals, Tommy eventually found the inspiration to found Adventure Ted LLC. Centered around the children’s book hero Adventure Ted, Adventure Ted LLC is a social brand of positivity created to inspire children to use their imaginations to overcome challenges.

Its mission is to help children, and their families, cope with childhood obstacles through lessons learned through its children’s book series, apparel lines, and toys. In addition to inspiring children and their parents, Adventure Ted LLC is a social enterprise that donates its profits to childhood-related causes.

“There is only one thing we have true control over, our mindset. I hope this story will inspire children and their families to see the adventure in all that they do. In doing so, you can see each day for the gift it truly is.”

-Tommy Head